Set - 2

Question 21 :

What are the five major technologies that can be used to create Client/Server applications?

Answer :

Database Servers
TP Monitors
Distributed Objects

Question 22 :

What is Client/Server?

Answer :

Clients and Servers are separate logical entities that work together over a network to accomplish a task. Many systems with very different architectures that are connected together are also called Client/Server.

Question 23 :

List out the benefits obtained by using the Client/Server oriented TP Monitors?

Answer :

Client/Server applications development framework.
Firewalls of protection.
High availability.
Load balancing.
MOM integration.
Scalability of functions.
Reduced system cost.

Question 24 :

What are the services provided by the Operating System?

Answer :

Extended services - These are add-on modular software components that are layered on top of base service.

Question 25 :

What is ACID property?

Answer :

ACID is a term coined by Andrew Reuter in 1983, which stands for Atomicity, Consistence, Isolation and Durability.