Set - 3

Question 21 :

What are major types of networks and explain?

Answer :

Server-based network.
Peer-to-peer network.

Peer-to-peer network, computers can act as both servers sharing resources and as clients using the resources.
Server-based networks provide centralized control of network resources and rely on server computers to provide security and network administration.

Question 22 :

What is SAP?

Answer :

Series of interface points that allow other computers to communicate with the other layers of network protocol stack.

Question 23 :

What is multicast routing?

Answer :

Sending a message to a group is called multicasting, and its routing algorithm is called multicast routing.

Question 24 :

What is the difference between routable and non- routable protocols?

Answer :

Routable protocols can work with a router and can be used to build large networks. Non-Routable protocols are designed to work on small, local networks and cannot be used with a router.

Question 25 :

What is REX?

Answer :

Request to Exit (REX) - A signal that informs the controller that someone has requested to exit from a secure area.