Set - 5

Question 11 :

What is the difference between an unspecified passive open and a fully specified passive open?

Answer :

An unspecified passive open has the server waiting for a connection request from a client. A fully specified passive open has the server waiting for a connection from a specific client.

Question 12 :

What is virtual path?

Answer :

Along any transmission path from a given source to a given destination, a group of virtual circuits can be grouped together into what is called path.

Question 13 :

Explain the function of Transmission Control Block?

Answer :

A TCB is a complex data structure that contains a considerable amount of information about each connection.

Question 14 :

What is a DNS resource record?

Answer :

A resource record is an entry in a name server's database. There are several types of resource records used, including name-to-address resolution information. Resource records are maintained as ASCII files.

Question 15 :

What is a pseudo tty?

Answer :

A pseudo tty or false terminal enables external machines to connect through Telnet or rlogin. Without a pseudo tty, no connection can take place.