Set - 2

Question 1 :

What are the advantages of OOPL?

Answer :

Object oriented programming languages directly represent the real life objects. The features of OOPL as inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation makes it powerful.

Question 2 :

Can a method be overloaded based on different return type but same argument type ?

Answer :

No, because the methods can be called without using their return type in which case there is ambiguity for the compiler.

Question 3 :

What is Downcasting ?

Answer :

Downcasting is the casting from a general to a more specific type, i.e. casting down the hierarchy.

Question 4 :

Who were the three famous amigos and what was their contribution to the object community?

Answer :

The Three amigos namely,
James Rumbaugh (OMT): A veteran in analysis who came up with an idea about the objects and their Relationships (in particular Associations).
Grady Booch: A veteran in design who came up with an idea about partitioning of systems into subsystems.
Ivar Jacobson (Objectory): The father of USECASES, who described about the user and system interaction.

Question 5 :

What is meant by "method-wars"?

Answer :

Before 1994 there were different methodologies like Rumbaugh, Booch, Jacobson, Meyer etc who followed their own notations to model the systems. The developers were in a dilemma to choose the method which best accomplishes their needs. This particular span was called as "method-wars"