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Question 76 :

What is Tablespace Quota ?

Answer :

The collective amount of disk space available to the objects in a schema on a particular tablespace.

Question 77 :

What are the different Levels of Auditing ?

Answer :

Statement Auditing, Privilege Auditing and Object Auditing.

Question 78 :

What is Statement Auditing ?

Answer :

Statement auditing is the auditing of the powerful system privileges without regard to specifically named objects.

Question 79 :

What are the database administrators utilities available ?

Answer :

SQL * DBA - This allows DBA to monitor and control an ORACLE database. SQL * Loader - It loads data from standard operating system files (Flat files) into ORACLE database tables. Export (EXP) and Import (imp) utilities allow you to move existing data in ORACLE format to and from ORACLE database.

Question 80 :

How can you enable automatic archiving ?

Answer :

Shut the database
Backup the database
Modify/Include LOG_ARCHIVE_START_TRUE in init.ora file.
Start up the database.