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Question 91 :

What is a profile ?

Answer :

Each database user is assigned a Profile that specifies limitations on various system resources available to the user.

Question 92 :

How will you enforce security using stored procedures?

Answer :

Don't grant user access directly to tables within the application. Instead grant the ability to access the procedures that access the tables. When procedure executed it will execute the privilege of procedures owner. Users cannot access tables except via the procedure.

Question 93 :

How does one get the view definition of fixed views/tables?

Answer :

Query v$fixed_view_definition. Example: SELECT * FROM v$fixed_view_definition WHERE view_name='V$SESSION';

Question 94 :

What are the dictionary tables used to monitor a database spaces ?

Answer :


Question 95 :

How can we specify the Archived log file name format and destination?

Answer :

By setting the following values in init.ora file. LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT = arch %S/s/T/tarc (%S - Log sequence number and is zero left paded, %s - Log sequence number not padded. %T - Thread number lef-zero-paded and %t - Thread number not padded). The file name created is arch 0001 are if %S is used. LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST = path.