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Question 11 :

What is an Oracle view?

Answer :

A view is a virtual table. Every view has a query attached to it. (The query is a SELECT statement that identifies the columns and rows of the table(s) the view uses.)

Question 12 :

What is Partial Backup ?

Answer :

A Partial Backup is any operating system backup short of a full backup, taken while the database is open or shut down.

Question 13 :

What is Mirrored on-line Redo Log ?

Answer :

A mirrored on-line redo log consists of copies of on-line redo log files physically located on separate disks, changes made to one member of the group are made to all members.

Question 14 :

What is Full Backup ?

Answer :

A full backup is an operating system backup of all data files, on-line redo log files and control file that constitute ORACLE database and the parameter.

Question 15 :

Can a View based on another View ?

Answer :