Set - 10

Question 56 :

If all the values from a cursor have been fetched and another fetch is issued, the output will be : error, last record or first record ?

Answer :

Last Record

Question 57 :

A table has the following data : [[5, Null, 10]]. What will the average function return ?

Answer :


Question 58 :

Is Sysdate a system variable or a system function?

Answer :

System Function

Question 59 :

Consider a sequence whose currval is 1 and gets incremented by 1 by using the nextval reference we get the next number 2. Suppose at this point we issue an rollback and again issue a nextval. What will the output be ?

Answer :


Question 60 :

Definition of relational DataBase by Dr. Codd (IBM)?

Answer :

A Relational Database is a database where all data visible to the user is organized strictly as tables of data values and where all database operations work on these tables.