Set - 10

Question 61 :

What is Multi Threaded Server (MTA) ?

Answer :

In a Single Threaded Architecture (or a dedicated server configuration) the database manager creates a separate process for each database user. But in MTA the database manager can assign multiple users (multiple user processes) to a single dispatcher (server process), a controlling process that queues request for work thus reducing the databases memory requirement and resources.

Question 62 :

Which are initial RDBMS, Hierarchical & N/w database ?

Answer :

RDBMS - R system
Hierarchical - IMS

Question 63 :

What is Functional Dependency

Answer :

Given a relation R, attribute Y of R is functionally dependent on attribute X of R if and only if each X-value has associated with it precisely one -Y value in R

Question 64 :

What is Auditing ?

Answer :

The database has the ability to audit all actions that take place within it.
a) Login attempts, b) Object Accesss, c) Database Action Result of Greatest(1,NULL) or Least(1,NULL) NULL

Question 65 :

While designing in client/server what are the 2 imp. things to be considered ?

Answer :

Network Overhead (traffic), Speed and Load of client server