Set - 10

Question 21 :

Can you pass parameters in packages ? How ?

Answer :

Yes. You can pass parameters to procedures or functions in a package.

Question 22 :

What are the parts of a database trigger ?

Answer :

The parts of a trigger are:
A triggering event or statement
A trigger restriction
A trigger action

Question 23 :

What are the various types of database triggers ?

Answer :

There are 12 types of triggers, they are combination of :
Insert, Delete and Update Triggers.
Before and After Triggers.
Row and Statement Triggers.

Question 24 :

What is the advantage of a stored procedure over a database trigger ?

Answer :

We have control over the firing of a stored procedure but we have no control over the firing of a trigger.

Question 25 :

What is the maximum no. of statements that can be specified in a trigger statement ?

Answer :