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Question 46 :

What is the maximum no. of columns a table can have ?

Answer :


Question 47 :

What is the significance of the & and && operators in PL SQL ?

Answer :

The & operator means that the PL SQL block requires user input for a variable. The && operator means that the value of this variable should be the same as inputted by the user previously for this same variable. If a transaction is very large, and the rollback segment is not able to hold the rollback information, then will the transaction span across different rollback segments or will it terminate ? It will terminate (Please check ).

Question 48 :

Can you pass a parameter to a cursor ?

Answer :

Explicit cursors can take parameters, as the example below shows. A cursor parameter can appear in a query wherever a constant can appear. CURSOR c1 (median IN NUMBER) IS SELECT job, ename FROM emp WHERE sal > median;

Question 49 :

What are the various types of RollBack Segments ?

Answer :

Public Available to all instances
Private Available to specific instance

Question 50 :

Can you use %RowCount as a parameter to a cursor ?

Answer :

Is the query below allowed :
Select sal, ename Into x From emp Where ename = 'KING'
(Where x is a record of Number(4) and Char(15))
Is the assignment given below allowed :
ABC = PQR (Where ABC and PQR are records)
Is this for loop allowed :
For x in &Start..&End Loop