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Question 51 :

What is the use of image_zoom built-in?

Answer :

To manipulate images in image items.

Question 52 :

How do you reference a parameter indirectly?

Answer :

To indirectly reference a parameter use the NAME IN, COPY 'built-ins to indirectly set and reference the parameters value' Example name_in ('capital parameter my param'), Copy ('SURESH','Parameter my_param')

Question 53 :

What is a timer?

Answer :

Timer is an "internal time clock" that you can programmatically create to perform an action each time the times.

Question 54 :

What are the two phases of block coordination?

Answer :

There are two phases of block coordination: the clear phase and the population phase. During, the clear phase, Oracle Forms navigates internally to the detail block and flushes the obsolete detail records. During the population phase, Oracle Forms issues a SELECT statement to repopulate the detail block with detail records associated with the new master record. These operations are accomplished through the execution of triggers.

Question 55 :

What are Most Common types of Complex master-detail relationships?

Answer :

There are three most common types of complex master-detail relationships:
master with dependent details
master with independent details
detail with two masters