Set - 2

Question 56 :

What is a text list?

Answer :

The text list style list item appears as a rectangular box which displays the fixed number of values. When the text list contains values that can not be displayed, a vertical scroll bar appears, allowing the operator to view and select undisplayed values.

Question 57 :

What is term?

Answer :

The term is terminal definition file that describes the terminal form which you are using r20run.

Question 58 :

What is use of term?

Answer :

The term file which key is correspond to which oracle report functions.

Question 59 :

What is pop list?

Answer :

The pop list style list item appears initially as a single field (similar to a text item field). When the operator selects the list icon, a list of available choices appears.

Question 60 :

What is the maximum no of chars the parameter can store?

Answer :

The maximum no of chars the parameter can store is only valid for char parameters, which can be upto 64K. No parameters default to 23Bytes and Date parameter default to 7Bytes.