Set - 2

Question 61 :

What are the default extensions of the files created by library module?

Answer :

The default file extensions indicate the library module type and storage format .pll - pl/sql library module binary

Question 62 :

What are the Coordination Properties in a Master-Detail relationship?

Answer :

The coordination properties are
These Properties determine when the population phase of block
coordination should occur.

Question 63 :

How do you display console on a window ?

Answer :

The console includes the status line and message line, and is displayed at the bottom of the window to which it is assigned.To specify that the console should be displayed, set the console window form property to the name of any window in the form. To include the console, set console window to Null.

Question 64 :

What are the different Parameter types?

Answer :

Text ParametersData Parameters

Question 65 :

State any three mouse events system variables?

Answer :