Set - 2

Question 66 :

What are the types of calculated columns available?

Answer :

Summary, Formula, Placeholder column.

Question 67 :

Explain about stacked canvas views?

Answer :

Stacked canvas view is displayed in a window on top of, or "stacked" on the content canvas view assigned to that same window. Stacked canvas views obscure some part of the underlying content canvas view, and or often shown and hidden programmatically.

Question 68 :

How does one do off-line database backups? (for DBA )

Answer :

Shut down the database from sqlplus or server manager. Backup all files to secondary storage (eg. tapes). Ensure that you backup all data files, all control files and all log files. When completed, restart your database.
Do the following queries to get a list of all files that needs to be backed up:
select name from sys.v_$datafile;
select member from sys.v_$logfile;
select name from sys.v_$controlfile;
Sometimes Oracle takes forever to shutdown with the "immediate" option. As workaround to this problem, shutdown using these commands:
alter system checkpoint;
shutdown abort
startup restrict
shutdown immediate
Note that if you database is in ARCHIVELOG mode, one can still use archived log files to roll forward from an off-line backup. If you cannot take your database down for a cold (off-line) backup at a convenient time, switch your database into ARCHIVELOG mode and perform hot (on-line) backups.

Question 69 :

What is the difference between SHOW_EDITOR and EDIT_TEXTITEM?

Answer :

Show editor is the generic built-in which accepts any editor name and takes some input string and returns modified output string. Whereas the edit_textitem built-in needs the input focus to be in the text item before the built-in is executed.

Question 70 :

What are the built-ins that are used to Attach an LOV programmatically to an item?

Answer :

(by setting the LOV_NAME property)