Set - 2

Question 86 :

With which function of summary item is the compute at options required?

Answer :

percentage of total functions.

Question 87 :

What are parameters?

Answer :

Parameters provide a simple mechanism for defining and setting the valuesof inputs that are required by a form at startup. Form parameters are variables of type char,number,date that you define at design time.

Question 88 :

What are the three types of user exits available ?

Answer :

Oracle Precompiler exits, Oracle call interface, NonOracle user exits.

Question 89 :

How many windows in a form can have console?

Answer :

Only one window in a form can display the console, and you cannot change the console assignment at runtime.

Question 90 :

What is an administrative (privileged) user? (for DBA )

Answer :

Oracle DBAs and operators typically use administrative accounts to manage the database and database instance. An administrative account is a user that is granted SYSOPER or SYSDBA privileges. SYSDBA and SYSOPER allow access to a database instance even if it is not running. Control of these privileges is managed outside of the database via password files and special operating system groups. This password file is created with the orapwd utility.