Set - 2

Question 11 :

How can we reduce the network traffic?

Answer :

- Replication of data in distributed environment.
- Using snapshots to replicate data.
- Using remote procedure calls.

Question 12 :

Differentiate simple and complex, snapshots ?

Answer :

- A simple snapshot is based on a query that does not contains GROUP BY clauses, CONNECT BY clauses, JOINs, sub-query or snashot of operations.
- A complex snapshots contain atleast any one of the above.

Question 13 :

What are the Built-ins used for sending Parameters to forms?

Answer :

You can pass parameter values to a form when an application executes the call_form, New_form, Open_form or Run_product.

Question 14 :

Can you have more than one content canvas view attached with a window?

Answer :

Yes. Each window you create must have atleast one content canvas view assigned to it. You can also create a window that has manipulated content canvas view. At run time only one of the content canvas views assign to a window is displayed at a time.

Question 15 :

Is the After report trigger fired if the report execution fails?

Answer :