Set - 2

Question 26 :

How will you enforce security using stored procedures?

Answer :

Don't grant user access directly to tables within the application. Instead grant the ability to access the procedures that access the tables. When procedure executed it will execute the privilege of procedures owner. Users cannot access tables except via the procedure.

Question 27 :

What are the dictionary tables used to monitor a database space?

Answer :


Question 28 :

Can a property clause itself be based on a property clause?

Answer :


Question 29 :

If a parameter is used in a query without being previously defined, what diff. exist between. report 2.0 and 2.5 when the query is applied?

Answer :

While both reports 2.0 and 2.5 create the parameter, report 2.5 gives a message that a bind parameter has been created.

Question 30 :

What are the sql clauses supported in the link property sheet?

Answer :

Where start with having.