Set - 2

Question 31 :

What is trigger associated with the timer?

Answer :


Question 32 :

What are the trigger associated with image items?

Answer :

When-image-activated fires when the operators double clicks on an image itemwhen-image-pressed fires when an operator clicks or double clicks on an image item

Question 33 :

What are the different windows events activated at runtimes?

Answer :

Within this triggers, you can examine the built in system variable system. event_window to determine the name of the window for which the trigger fired.

Question 34 :

When do you use data parameter type?

Answer :

When the value of a data parameter being passed to a called product is always the name of the record group defined in the current form. Data parameters are used to pass data to products invoked with the run_product built-in subprogram.

Question 35 :

What is difference between open_form and call_form?

Answer :

when one form invokes another form by executing open_form the first form remains displayed, and operators can navigate between the forms as desired. when one form invokes another form by executing call_form, the called form is modal with respect to the calling form. That is, any windows that belong to the calling form are disabled, and operators cannot navigate to them until they first exit the called form.