Set - 2

Question 41 :

Which of the two views should objects according to possession?

Answer :

view by structure.

Question 42 :

What are the two types of views available in the object navigator(specific to report 2.5)?

Answer :

View by structure and view by type .

Question 43 :

What are the vbx controls?

Answer :

Vbx control provide a simple method of building and enhancing user interfaces. The controls can use to obtain user inputs and display program outputs.vbx control where originally develop as extensions for the ms visual basic environments and include such items as sliders, rides and knobs.

Question 44 :

What is the use of transactional triggers?

Answer :

Using transactional triggers we can control or modify the default functionality of the oracle forms.

Question 45 :

How do you create a new session while open a new form?

Answer :

Using open_form built-in setting the session option Ex. Open_form('Stocks ',active, session). when invoke the multiple forms with open form and call_form in the same application, state whether the following are true/False