Set - 3

Question 51 :

What is relation between the window and canvas views?

Answer :

Canvas views are the back ground objects on which you place the interface items (Text items), check boxes, radio groups etc.,) and boilerplate objects (boxes, lines, images etc.,) that operators interact with us they run your form . Each canvas views displayed in a window.

Question 52 :

What is a User_exit?

Answer :

Calls the user exit named in the user_exit_string. Invokes a 3Gl program by name which has been properly linked into your current oracle forms executable.

Question 53 :

How is it possible to select generate a select set for the query in the query property sheet?

Answer :

By using the tables/columns button and then specifying the table and the column names.

Question 54 :

How can values be passed bet. precompiler exits & Oracle call interface?

Answer :

By using the statement EXECIAFGET & EXECIAFPUT.

Question 55 :

How can a square be drawn in the layout editor of the report writer?

Answer :

By using the rectangle tool while pressing the (Constraint) key.