Set - 3

Question 71 :

What is the difference between OLE Server & Ole Container?

Answer :

An Ole server application creates ole Objects that are embedded or linked in ole Containers ex. Ole servers are ms_word & ms_excel. OLE containers provide a place to store, display and manipulate objects that are created by ole server applications. Ex. oracle forms is an example of an ole Container.

Question 72 :

What is an object group?

Answer :

An object group is a container for a group of objects; you define an object group when you want to package related objects, so that you copy or reference them in other modules.

Question 73 :

What is an LOV?

Answer :

An LOV is a scrollable popup window that provides the operator with either a single or multi column selection list.

Question 74 :

At what point of report execution is the before Report trigger fired?

Answer :

After the query is executed but before the report is executed and the records are displayed.

Question 75 :

What are the built -ins used for Modifying a groups structure?

Answer :

ADD_GROUP_ROW (procedure)
What is an user exit used for?
A way in which to pass control (and possibly arguments ) form Oracle report to another Oracle products of 3 GL and then return control ( and ) back to Oracle reports.