Set - 3

Question 86 :

How does one create a RMAN recovery catalog? (for DBA)

Answer :

Start by creating a database schema (usually called rman). Assign an appropriate tablespace to it and grant it the recovery_catalog_owner role. Look at this example:
sqlplus sys
SQL>create user rman identified by rman;
SQL> alter user rman default tablespace tools temporary tablespace temp;
SQL> alter user rman quota unlimited on tools;
SQL> grant connect, resource, recovery_catalog_owner to rman;
SQL> exit;
Next, log in to rman and create the catalog schema. Prior to Oracle 8i this was done by running the catrman.sql script. rman catalog rman/rman
RMAN>create catalog tablespace tools;
RMAN> exit;
You can now continue by registering your databases in the catalog. Look at this example:
rman catalog rman/rman target backdba/backdba
RMAN> register database;

Question 87 :

How can a group in a cross products be visually distinguished from a group that does not form a cross product?

Answer :

A group that forms part of a cross product will have a thicker border.

Question 88 :

What is the frame & repeating frame?

Answer :

A frame is a holder for a group of fields. A repeating frame is used to display a set of records when the no. of records that are to displayed is not known before.

Question 89 :

What is a combo box?

Answer :

A combo box style list item combines the features found in list and text item. Unlike the pop list or the text list style list items, the combo box style list item will both display fixed values and accept one operator entered value.

Question 90 :

What are three panes that appear in the run time pl/sql interpreter?

Answer :

1. Source pane.
2. interpreter pane.
3. Navigator pane.