Set - 3

Question 96 :

To display the page no. for each page on a report what would be the source & logical page no. or & of physical page no.?

Answer :

& physical page no.

Question 97 :

It is possible to use raw devices as data files and what is the advantages over file. system files ?

Answer :

Yes. The advantages over file system files. I/O will be improved because Oracle is bye-passing the kernnel which writing into disk. Disk Corruption will be very less.

Question 98 :

What are disadvantages of having raw devices ?

Answer :

We should depend on export/import utility for backup/recovery (fully reliable) The tar command cannot be used for physical file backup, instead we can use dd command which is less flexible and has limited recoveries.

Question 99 :

What is the significance of having storage clause ?

Answer :

We can plan the storage for a table as how much initial extents are required, how much can be extended next, how much % should leave free for managing row updations etc.,

Question 100 :

What is the use of INCTYPE option in EXP command ?

Answer :

Type export should be performed COMPLETE,CUMULATIVE,INCREMENTAL. List the sequence of events when a large transaction that exceeds beyond its optimal value when an entry wraps and causes the rollback segment toexpand into anotion Completes. e. will be written.