Set - 4

Question 51 :

What is the difference between ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a POST-CHANGE trigger ?

Answer :

When you changes the Existing value to null, the On-validate field trigger will fire post change trigger will not fire. At the time of execute-query post-change trigger will fire, on-validate field trigger will not fire.

Question 52 :

When is PRE-QUERY trigger executed ?

Answer :

When Execute-query or count-query Package procedures are invoked.

Question 53 :

How do you trap the error in forms 3.0 ?

Answer :

using On-Message or On-Error triggers.

Question 54 :

How many pages you can in a single form ?

Answer :


Question 55 :

While specifying master/detail relationship between two blocks specifying the join condition is a must ?
True or False. ?

Answer :