Set - 4

Question 56 :

EXIT_FORM is a restricted package procedure ?
a. True b. False

Answer :


Question 57 :

What is the usage of an ON-INSERT,ON-DELETE and ON-UPDATE TRIGGERS ?

Answer :

These triggers are executes when inserting, deleting and updating operations are performed and can be used to change the default function of insert, delete or update respectively. For Eg, instead of inserting a row in a table an existing row can be updated in the same table.

Question 58 :

What are the types of Pop-up window ?

Answer :

the pop-up field editor
pop-up list of values
pop-up pages.
Alert :

Question 59 :

What is an SQL *FORMS ?

Answer :

SQL *forms is 4GL tool for developing and executing; Oracle based interactive application.

Question 60 :

How do you control the constraints in forms ?

Answer :

Select the use constraint property is ON Block definition screen.