Set - 4

Question 91 :

Two popup pages can appear on the screen at a time ?Two popup pages can appear on the screen at a time ?
a. True. b. False?

Answer :

a. True.

Question 92 :

Classify the restricted and unrestricted procedure from the following.
a. Call
b. User-Exit
c. Call-Query
d. Up
e. Execute-Query
f. Message
g. Exit-From
h. Post
i. Break?

Answer :

a. Call - unrestricted
b. User Exit - Unrestricted
c. Call_query - Unrestricted
d. Up - Restricted
e. Execute Query - Restricted
f. Message - Restricted
g. Exit_form - Restricted
h. Post - Restricted
i. Break - Unrestricted.

Question 93 :

What is an User Exits ?

Answer :

A user exit is a subroutine which are written in programming languages using pro*C pro *Cobol , etc., that link into the SQL * forms executable.

Question 94 :

What is a Trigger ?

Answer :

A piece of logic that is executed at or triggered by a SQL *forms event.

Question 95 :

What is a Package Procedure ?

Answer :

A Package procedure is built in PL/SQL procedure.