Set - 5

Question 56 :

What is a Check Box?

Answer :

A Check Box is a two state control that indicates whether a certain condition or value is on or off, true or false. The display state of a check box is always either "checked" or "unchecked".

Question 57 :

What is a canvas-view?

Answer :

A canvas-view is the background object on which you layout the interface items (text-items, check boxes, radio groups, and so on.) and boilerplate objects that operators see and interact with as they run your form. At run-time, operators can see only those items that have been assigned to a specific canvas. Each canvas, in term, must be displayed in a specific window.

Question 58 :

Explain the following file extension related to library?

Answer :

The library pll files is a portable design file comparable to an fmb form file
The library lib file is a plat form specific, generated library file comparable to a fmx form file
The pld file is Txt format file and can be used for source controlling your library files Parameter

Question 59 :

Explain the usage of WHERE CURRENT OF clause in cursors ?

Answer :

WHERE CURRENT OF clause in an UPDATE,DELETE statement refers to the latest row fetched from a cursor. Database Triggers

Question 60 :

Name the tables where characteristics of Package, procedure and functions are stored ?

Answer :

User_objects, User_Source and User_error.