Set - 5

Question 66 :

What is a Virtual Private Database? (for DBA)

Answer :

Oracle 8i introduced the notion of a Virtual Private Database (VPD). A VPD offers Fine-Grained Access Control (FGAC) for secure separation of data. This ensures that users only have access to data that pertains to them. Using this option, one could even store multiple companies' data within the same schema, without them knowing about it. VPD configuration is done via the DBMS_RLS (Row Level Security) package. Select from SYS.V$VPD_POLICY to see existing VPD configuration.

Question 67 :

What is Raise_application_error ?

Answer :

Raise_application_error is a procedure of package DBMS_STANDARD which allows to issue an user_defined error messages from stored sub-program or database trigger.

Question 68 :

What is Oracle Label Security? (for DBA)

Answer :

Oracle Label Security (formerly called Trusted Oracle MLS RDBMS) uses the VPD (Virtual Private Database) feature of Oracle8i to implement row level security. Access to rows are restricted according to a user's security sensitivity tag or label. Oracle Label Security is configured, controlled and managed from the Policy Manager, an Enterprise Manager-based GUI utility.

Question 69 :

Give the structure of the procedure ?

Answer :

PROCEDURE name (parameter list.....)
local variable declarations
Executable statements.
exception handlers

Question 70 :

What is OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager)? (for DBA)

Answer :

OEM is a set of systems management tools provided by Oracle Corporation for managing the Oracle environment. It provides tools to monitor the Oracle environment and automate tasks (both one-time and repetitive in nature) to take database administration a step closer to "Lights Out" management.