Set - 5

Question 96 :

What are the advantages of having a Package ?

Answer :

Increased functionality (for example,global package variables can be declared and used by any proecdure in the package) and performance (for example all objects of the package are parsed compiled, and loaded into memory once)

Question 97 :

What are the uses of Database Trigger ?

Answer :

Database triggers can be used to automatic data generation, audit data modifications, enforce complex Integrity constraints, and customize complex security authorizations.

Question 98 :

What is a Procedure ?

Answer :

A Procedure consist of a set of SQL and PL/SQL statements that are grouped together as a unit to solve a specific problem or perform a set of related tasks.

Question 99 :

What is a Package ?

Answer :

A Package is a collection of related procedures, functions, variables and other package constructs together as a unit in the database.

Question 100 :

What is difference between Procedures and Functions ?

Answer :

A Function returns a value to the caller where as a Procedure does not.