Set - 5

Question 46 :

What is the MultiOrg and what is it used for? (for DBA)

Answer :

MultiOrg or Multiple Organizations Architecture allows multiple operating units and their relationships to be defined within a single installation of Oracle Applications. This keeps each operating unit's transaction data separate and secure.
Use the following query to determine if MuliOrg is intalled:
select multi_org_flag from fnd_product_groups;

Question 47 :

What is the difference between Fields and FlexFields? (for DBA)

Answer :

A field is a position on a form that one uses to enter, view, update, or delete information. A field prompt describes each field by telling what kind of information appears in the field, or alternatively, what kind of information should be entered in the field.
A flexfield is an Oracle Applications field made up of segments. Each segment has an assigned name and a set of valid values. Oracle Applications uses flexfields to capture information about your organization. There are two types of flexfields: key flexfields and descriptive flexfields.

Question 48 :

Explain types of Block in forms4.0?

Answer :

Base table Blocks.
Control Blocks.
1. A base table block is one that is associated with a specific database table or view.
2. A control block is a block that is not associated with a database table. ITEMS

Question 49 :

What is an Alert?

Answer :

An alert is a modal window that displays a message notifies the operator of some application condition

Question 50 :

What are the built-in routines is available in forms 4.0 to create and manipulate a parameter list?

Answer :