Set - 7

Question 76 :

How many types of columns are there and what are they

Answer :

Formula columns :: For doing mathematical calculations and returning one value Summary Columns :: For doing summary calculations such as summations etc. Place holder Columns :: These columns are useful for storing the value in a variable
Can u have more than one layout in report
It is possible to have more than one layout in a report by using the additional layout option in the layout editor.

Question 77 :

Can u run the report with out a parameter form

Answer :

Yes it is possible to run the report without parameter form by setting the PARAM value to Null

Question 78 :

What is the lock option in reports layout

Answer :

By using the lock option we cannot move the fields in the layout editor outside the frame. This is useful for maintaining the fields .

Question 79 :

What is Flex

Answer :

Flex is the property of moving the related fields together by setting the flex property on

Question 80 :

What are the minimum number of groups required for a matrix report

Answer :

The minimum of groups required for a matrix report are 4 e -----