Set - 7

Question 26 :

What is SECURE property?

Answer :

- Hides characters that the operator types into the text item. This setting is typically used for password protection.

Question 27 :

What are the types of triggers and how the sequence of firing in text item

Answer :

Triggers can be classified as Key Triggers, Mouse Triggers ,Navigational Triggers.
Key Triggers :: Key Triggers are fired as a result of Key action.e.g :: Key-next-field, Key-up,Key-Down
Mouse Triggers :: Mouse Triggers are fired as a result of the mouse navigation.e.g. When-mouse-button-presed,when-mouse-doubleclicked,etc
Navigational Triggers :: These Triggers are fired as a result of Navigation. E.g. : Post-Text-item,Pre-text-item.
We also have event triggers like when ?new-form-instance and when-new-block-instance.
We cannot call restricted procedures like go_to(?my_block.first_item?) in the Navigational triggers
But can use them in the Key-next-item.
The Difference between Key-next and Post-Text is an very important question. The key-next is fired as a result of the key action while the post text is fired as a result of the mouse movement. Key next will not fire unless there is a key event. The sequence of firing in a text item are as follows ::
a) pre - text
b) when new item
c) key-next
d) when validate
e) post text

Question 28 :

Can you store pictures in database? How?

Answer :

Yes , in long Raw datatype.

Question 29 :

What are property classes ? Can property classes have trigger?

Answer :

Property class inheritance is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly define objects that conform to your own interface and functionality standards. Property classes also allow you to make global changes to applications quickly. By simply changing the definition of a property class, you can change the definition of all objects that inherit properties from that class.
Yes . All type of triggers .

Question 30 :

If you have property class attached to an item and you have same trigger written for the item . Which will fire first?

Answer :

Item level trigger fires , If item level trigger fires, property level trigger won't fire. Triggers at the lowest level are always given the first preference. The item level trigger fires first and then the block and then the Form level trigger.