Set - 7

Question 36 :

Can object group have a block?

Answer :

Yes , object group can have block as well as program units.

Question 37 :

How many types of canvases are there.

Answer :

There are 2 types of canvases called as Content and Stack Canvas. Content canvas is the default and the one that is used mostly for giving the base effect. Its like a plate on which we add items and stacked canvas is used for giving 3 dimensional effect.

Question 38 :

What are user-exits?

Answer :

It invokes 3GL programs.

Question 39 :

Can you pass values to-and-fro from foreign function ? how ?

Answer :

Yes . You obtain a return value from a foreign function by assigning the return value to an Oracle Forms variable or item. Make sure that the Oracle Forms variable or item is the same data type as the return value from the foreign function.
After assigning an Oracle Forms variable or item value to a PL/SQL variable, pass the PL/SQL variable as a parameter value in the PL/SQL interface of the foreign function. The PL/SQL variable that is passed as a parameter must be a valid PL/SQL data type; it must also be the appropriate parameter type as defined in the PL/SQL interface.

Question 40 :

What is IAPXTB structure ?

Answer :

The entries of Pro * C and user exits and the form which simulate the proc or user_exit are stored in IAPXTB table in d/b.