Set - 7

Question 41 :

Can you call WIN-SDK thru user exits?

Answer :


Question 42 :

Does user exits supports DLL on MSWINDOWS ?

Answer :


Question 43 :

What is path setting for DLL?

Answer :

Make sure you include the name of the DLL in the FORMS45_USEREXIT variable of the ORACLE.INI file, or rename the DLL to F45XTB.DLL. If you rename the DLL to F45XTB.DLL, replace the existing F45XTB.DLL in the ORAWINBIN directory with the new F45XTB.DLL.

Question 44 :

How is mapping of name of DLL and function done?

Answer :

The dll can be created using the Visual C++ / Visual Basic Tools and then the dll is put in the path that is defined the registry.

Question 45 :

What is precompiler?

Answer :

It is similar to C precompiler directives.