Set - 7

Question 46 :

Can you connect to non - oracle datasource ?

Answer :

Yes .

Question 47 :

What are key-mode and locking mode properties? level ?

Answer :

Key Mode : Specifies how oracle forms uniquely identifies rows in the database.This is property includes for application that will run against NON-ORACLE datasources .
Key setting unique (default.)

Locking mode :
Specifies when Oracle Forms should attempt to obtain database locks on rows that correspond to queried records in the form. a) immediate b) delayed

Question 48 :

What are savepoint mode and cursor mode properties ? level?

Answer :

Specifies whether Oracle Forms should issue savepoints during a session. This property is included primarily for applications that will run against non-ORACLE data sources. For applications that will run against ORACLE, use the default setting.
Cursor mode - define cursor state across transaction Open/close.

Question 49 :

What is transactional trigger property?

Answer :

Identifies a block as transactional control block. i.e. non - database block that oracle forms should manage as transactional block.(NON-ORACLE datasource) default - FALSE.

Question 50 :

What is OLE automation ?

Answer :

OLE automation allows an OLE server application to expose a set of commands and functions that can be invoked from an OLE container application. OLE automation provides a way for an OLE container application to use the features of an OLE server application to manipulate an OLE object from the OLE container environment. (FORMS_OLE)