Set - 9

Question 51 :

What are the built_ins used the display the LOV?

Answer :


Question 52 :

How do you call other Oracle Products from Oracle Forms?

Answer :

Run_product is a built-in, Used to invoke one of the supported oracle tools products and specifies the name of the document or module to be run. If the called product is unavailable at the time of the call, Oracle Forms returns a message to the operator.

Question 53 :

What is the main diff. bet. Reports 2.0 & Reports 2.5?

Answer :

Report 2.5 is object oriented.

Question 54 :

What are the Built-ins to display the user-named editor?

Answer :

A user named editor can be displayed programmatically with the built in procedure SHOW-EDITOR, EDIT_TETITEM independent of any particular text item.

Question 55 :

How many number of columns a record group can have?

Answer :

A record group can have an unlimited number of columns of type CHAR, LONG, NUMBER, or DATE provided that the total number of column does not exceed 64K.