Set - 9

Question 56 :

What is a Query Record Group?

Answer :

A query record group is a record group that has an associated SELECT statement. The columns in a query record group derive their default names, data types, had lengths from the database columns referenced in the SELECT statement. The records in query record group are the rows retrieved by the query associated with that record group.

Question 57 :

What does the term panel refer to with regard to pages?

Answer :

A panel is the no. of physical pages needed to print one logical page.

Question 58 :

What is a master detail relationship?

Answer :

A master detail relationship is an association between two base table blocks- a master block and a detail block. The relationship between the blocks reflects a primary key to foreign key relationship between the tables on which the blocks are based.

Question 59 :

What is a library?

Answer :

A library is a collection of subprograms including user named procedures, functions and packages.

Question 60 :

What is an anchoring object & what is its use? What are the various sub events a mouse double click event involves?

Answer :

An anchoring object is a print condition object which used to explicitly or implicitly anchor other objects to itself.