Set - 9

Question 71 :

What package procedure is used for calling another form ?

Answer :

Call (E.g. Call(formname)

Question 72 :

When the form is running in DEBUG mode, If you want to examine the values of global variables and other form variables, What package procedure command you would use in your trigger text ?

Answer :

The value recorded in system.last_record variable is of type
a. Number
b. Boolean
c. Character. ?
b. Boolean.

Question 73 :

What is mean by Program Global Area (PGA) ?

Answer :

It is area in memory that is used by a Single Oracle User Process.

Question 74 :

What is hit ratio ?

Answer :

It is a measure of well the data cache buffer is handling requests for data. Hit Ratio = (Logical Reads - Physical Reads - Hits Misses)/ Logical Reads.

Question 75 :

How do u implement the If statement in the Select Statement

Answer :

We can implement the if statement in the select statement by using the Decode statement. e.g. select DECODE (EMP_CAT,'1','First','2','Second'Null); Here the Null is the else statement where null is done .