Set - 9

Question 76 :

How many types of Exceptions are there

Answer :

There are 2 types of exceptions. They are
a) System Exceptions
e.g. When no_data_found, When too_many_rows
b) User Defined Exceptions
e.g. My_exception exception
When My_exception then

Question 77 :

What are the inline and the precompiler directives

Answer :

The inline and precompiler directives detect the values directly

Question 78 :

How do you use the same lov for 2 columns

Answer :

We can use the same lov for 2 columns by passing the return values in global values and using the global values in the code

Question 79 :

How many minimum groups are required for a matrix report

Answer :

The minimum number of groups in matrix report are 4

Question 80 :

What is the difference between static and dynamic lov

Answer :

The static lov contains the predetermined values while the dynamic lov contains values that come at run time