Set - 2

Question 1 :

Where are workflow work items found ?

Answer :


Question 2 :

In which platform does Crystal and Psnvision works?

Answer :

Windows (Correct)

Question 3 :

You want to update your password and enter a hint for forgotten password. What would you access?

Answer :

User Profile

Question 4 :

Question based on changing prompt table, what happens when changing from NO EDIT TO EDIT option?

Answer :

user can type only prompt table values and the default values gets populated from the database.

Question 5 :

Customization done in Dev DB, Which tool i will use to move it to Prod DB?

Answer :

Use App Designer -> Copy DB

Question 6 :

Your Onsite DBA has called you up and told you that one of the tables PS_ABC_TAO has grown very big in size. Based on the standard naming convention, you have determined that the record is a temporary record since it ends with _TAOYou look into the database and decide that that the data is not required any more. You ask the DBA to delete the data in the table. Next day you get a call from an irritated user who says that a daily process that took only 1 minute to run is taking about 2 hours today. You look into his process and find that it uses PS_ABC_TAO as a temporary table.
What would you suggest the DBA to do ?

Answer :

Update statistics on the table

Question 7 :

(Some scenario) Question relating DBA Purging Temporary Table?

Answer :

Update Statistics

Question 8 :

How many Message nodes are possible for a database.?

Answer :


Question 9 :

How will you get a single output by combining two or more queries?

Answer :


Question 10 :

What BEA product is used for DB transaction in PS?

Answer :


Question 11 :

Which one of the following Data Types is NOT supported by the PeopleCode programming environment?

Answer :


Question 12 :

What hyperlinks available in PeopleBooks? Some options with different hyperlinks not available in peoplebooks, select the correct one?

Answer :

Study all hyperlinks in the first page of people books.

Question 13 :

The example below demonstrates the use of SQR flags in the configuration manager directories folder: -F C:PSHrmsSqrWhat do the above SQR flags signify to the SQR Report Writer upon execution?

Answer :

Specifies the output path

Question 14 :

When a business requirement in Fit/Gap Analysis does not meet by PeopleSoft then?

Answer :

Some options:1. Customize PS application (Yes)2. Buy third party software (Yes)3. Call PS Development Center for Enhancement (Yes)

Question 15 :

What are the status available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?

Answer :

Server, Client and Queue Status

Question 16 :

Which of the following are part of an AE program ?

Answer :

Section ,Step and Action

Question 17 :

Which of the following fires after the database is updated?

Answer :


Question 18 :

What event gets fired after DB Update?

Answer :


Question 19 :

For downloading patches and fixes , you have gone to the customer connection and looking under 8 april, 2000 and see Report IDS like R-CCHEN-VP14JM. What does R stand for ?

Answer :


Question 20 :

In which one of the following views would you see the fields, criteria, and other details associated with the current query?

Answer :

Query view

Question 21 :

PeopleSoft tracks object changes using a system table. Which PeopleTools System table is used to track object changes?

Answer :


Question 22 :

PeopleSoft has its own naming convention for system and non-system (application) tables. In the list below, RECORDNAME refers to the name of any table or record.Referring to the above information, which one of the following identifies the naming convention PeopleSoft uses for system tables?

Answer :


Question 23 :

Which process is used for running AE programs which are to be run at a frequency of less than a day ?

Answer :


Question 24 :

You can specifically trace the activity of the PSAPPSRV server process by setting the?

Answer :


Question 25 :

Which of the following is correct in order to start the Process Scheduler Server from the command line using psadmin.?

Answer :

Psadmin –p start –d