Set - 2

Question 11 :

Which one of the following Data Types is NOT supported by the PeopleCode programming environment?

Answer :


Question 12 :

What hyperlinks available in PeopleBooks? Some options with different hyperlinks not available in peoplebooks, select the correct one?

Answer :

Study all hyperlinks in the first page of people books.

Question 13 :

The example below demonstrates the use of SQR flags in the configuration manager directories folder: -F C:PSHrmsSqrWhat do the above SQR flags signify to the SQR Report Writer upon execution?

Answer :

Specifies the output path

Question 14 :

When a business requirement in Fit/Gap Analysis does not meet by PeopleSoft then?

Answer :

Some options:1. Customize PS application (Yes)2. Buy third party software (Yes)3. Call PS Development Center for Enhancement (Yes)

Question 15 :

What are the status available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?

Answer :

Server, Client and Queue Status