Set - 4

Question 1 :

Which of the following are true with respect to validate signon with database option enabled in psadmin.?

Answer :

1. The application server first attempts to connect to database using the user id and password as part of the database connection string.
2. User must be defined on either the operating system or the database and within the PeopleSoft.

Question 2 :

Which of the Following are true for force Shutdown In PeopleSoft Domain Shutdown menu?

Answer :

1. shuts down the domain using the tmshutdown -k TERM -c command.
2. A forced shutdown is a non-quiescent shutdown that immediately terminates all the processes

Question 3 :

After logging into customer connection, you wish to search for fixes/patches. What are the search criteria's available ?

Answer :

1. Report ID
2. Date / time
3. Release

Question 4 :

What are the Search Keys you use to find Patches and Fixes?

Answer :

1. Release
2. Updated date time
3. Report Id

Question 5 :

Which one of the following tree types is NOT supported in the PeopleSoft tree manager?

Answer :

1. Query trees
2. Combination trees

Question 6 :

Which Web Services is only used as a Proxy Server?

Answer :

2. Apache

Question 7 :

In PeopleCode Debugger what are the valid values?

Answer :

1. Go
2. Step Over
3. View Variable Value

Question 8 :

Select the components which form the part of Integration Broker?

Answer :

1. File Layout
2. CI
3. app. Messaging

Question 9 :

What are the views available in App. Designer project workspace(multiple answer)?

Answer :

1. Development
2. Upgrade

Question 10 :

What are Menu types available?

Answer :

1. Component
2. PeopleCode
3. Separator

Question 11 :

Database Connectivity Drivers should be installed in the following System?

Answer :

1. Client Workstation in two tier mode (Yes)
2. App Server (Yes)
3. Batch Server (Yes)
4. Data Mover (Yes)

Question 12 :

Where do you need to install connectivity software?

Answer :

1. batch server 2. App server 3. two tier client

Question 13 :

What are the People Tools available for Integration Broker?

Answer :

1. Appl. Messaging 2. Component Interface 3. File Layout

Question 14 :

A Customer wants to use a new Image in HRMS, where it is stored?

Answer :

DB Server

Question 15 :

We access pia from mac OS?

Answer :


Question 16 :

Which of the following technology is used in app messaging?

Answer :


Question 17 :

Which one of the following PeopleCode debugging tools automatically converts values of any data type other than object into string values for viewing during debugging?

Answer :


Question 18 :

PIA screens and recognize it?

Answer :

Where are the work items presentWorkilist

Question 19 :

Where do u set the web server cache?

Answer :

web server file

Question 20 :

Your company obtained the newest Application Release of PeopleSoft, and you need to prepare for the upgrade. Upon reading the new Release Notes, you notice that changes were made to two COBOL modules (batch programs). You need to decide how to compare the current versions of these COBOL programs with the versions delivered with the new PeopleSoft application release. Which would be the fastest method of comparing these different versions?

Answer :

Use non-PeopleSoft comparison tools. 5.

Question 21 :

Can a business Process be used as a Navigator Home page ?

Answer :


Question 22 :

The physical, dedicated tables are locked at the time the Application Engine program is loaded into memory?

Answer :


Question 23 :

State Record can be Dynamic Record?

Answer :


Question 24 :

In Call Section – Action it is possible to leave the Program ID with blank Value in certain cases?

Answer :


Question 25 :

You can assign multiple databases and application servers to a single profile. But, each database and application server must be assigned to only one profile?

Answer :