Set - 4

Question 16 :

Which of the following technology is used in app messaging?

Answer :


Question 17 :

Which one of the following PeopleCode debugging tools automatically converts values of any data type other than object into string values for viewing during debugging?

Answer :


Question 18 :

PIA screens and recognize it?

Answer :

Where are the work items presentWorkilist

Question 19 :

Where do u set the web server cache?

Answer :

web server file

Question 20 :

Your company obtained the newest Application Release of PeopleSoft, and you need to prepare for the upgrade. Upon reading the new Release Notes, you notice that changes were made to two COBOL modules (batch programs). You need to decide how to compare the current versions of these COBOL programs with the versions delivered with the new PeopleSoft application release. Which would be the fastest method of comparing these different versions?

Answer :

Use non-PeopleSoft comparison tools. 5.