Set - 5

Question 1 :

The Trace tab in Configuration Manager only traces Windows client (two-tier) interactions?

Answer :


Question 2 :

TriggerBusinessEvent is used for triggering the workflow and its written on workflow event. TriggerBusinessEvent has the syntax?

Answer :


Question 3 :

The following is an entry from the application reviewer LOG File: start Field=PERSONAL_DATA.EMPLID-RowInit Temps=1 Stack=4 Source=233What does the Source=233 parameter in the above LOG file entry identify?

Answer :

The statement being executed is line 233 of the PeopleCode program.

Question 4 :


Answer :

Table 1 relates to 0,1 or many records in Table2, Table 2 relates to Table1 as one and only one table.

Question 5 :

What the following command will do? psadmin -p start -d hrdmo?

Answer :

Starts a Process Scheduler