Set - 5

Question 21 :

Which command shuts down an application server domain using a "forced" shutdown method?

Answer :

psadmin -c shutdown! -d ps800dmo

Question 22 :

The DB User mentioned in Connect ID should have permission to which Three PeopleSoft Tables?

Answer :


Question 23 :

PeopleSoft has its own naming convention for system and non-system (application) tables. In the list below, RECORDNAME refers to the name of any table or record.Referring to the above information, which one of the following identifies the naming convention PeopleSoft uses for non-system(application) tables?

Answer :


Question 24 :

The initial values that you see in PSADMIN are derived from the configuration template that you select when you create your domain. Where these templates reside in the system?

Answer :

PS_HOME/appserv in the Application Server

Question 25 :

You just finished customization work that involved the creation of many new objects. You must now migrate these objects from your development database (source) to a testing database (target) to conduct more elaborate testing.Referring to the above information, why would adding your objects to a Project streamline the migration to a new database?

Answer :

Projects provide the ability to migrate all objects at once or each object type individually. *