Set - 6

Question 11 :

Suppose the CEO wants a list of the departments whose MINIMUM salary is greater than $100,000. Your manager asks you to determine the quickest method to deliver this data to the CEO. Since writing an SQR will take too much time, you decide to use PeopleSoft query. Referring to the above, what function would you use, in combination with the aggregate function "Minimum" to produce the result set required?

Answer :


Question 12 :

DoSave( ) can be called from one of the following events?

Answer :

FieldEdit, FieldChange, MenuItemSelected MenuItemSelected, Save Prechange & SavePostChange

Question 13 :

In which PeopleCode event does ALL data validation take place?

Answer :


Question 14 :

Peoplecode attached with Push Button can be associated with which of the following events?

Answer :

Field Edit, Field Change

Question 15 :

People Soft allows multiple long fields per State Record?

Answer :