Set - 7

Question 1 :

What effect would making a change to the EMPLID field in the above project have?

Answer :

Changes would occur globally; meaning the field is changed everywhere else in the database.

Question 2 :

An employee is transferred where should he refer in this aspection?

Answer :

Business Process

Question 3 :

What are destructive statements in SQL?

Answer :

b) Recreate a Table
d) Recreate a View

Question 4 :

A clients App was 3months behind, what should he do to update the app since it was not working?

Answer :

b) Apply all Service packs

Question 5 :

In Two Tier mode where does authentication happens?

Answer :

Application Server

Question 6 :

Worklist for a particular user contains marked worked and reassigned buttons. The reassigned button is set from?

Answer :

appdesigner -> worklist definition

Question 7 :

ps application logic reside where?

Answer :

app server

Question 8 :

Where do peopletools data is cached?

Answer :

app server

Question 9 :

My Asst. Manager approves some document; She uses some screens which presents her with all the data. What she do to minimize the data?

Answer :

Advance search

Question 10 :

You need not create separate DB for every user in PPSFT 8.4 onwards. This is possible because of?

Answer :

Access ID

Question 11 :

File formats for File Layout?

Answer :

c) fixed length

Question 12 :

Prompt table with no edit to no edit?

Answer :

a) user can enter values from prompt table
b) user can enter values from prompt table and default value will be populated

Question 13 :

Meta-SQL where is it stored?

Answer :

a) Temp Table
b) SQL Table
c) Query Table
d) Dynamic(Guess: Temp Table, check People books App Engine)

Question 14 :

What are all stored in System Catalog?

Answer :

a) SQL table
b) SQL View

Question 15 :

Process Profile contains?

Answer :

a) Sequence of processes
b) Sequence of jobs
c) batch processes

Question 16 :

File format for SQR?

Answer :

a) PDF
d) txt

Question 17 :

People Soft clients wants to get info about PSPT where to find it?

Answer :

a) Partner Alliance
b) Partner Connection
c) People Soft Connect
d) Portal connect
e) PSU (check)

Question 18 :

Which of the following are object definitions?

Answer :

a) Mobile Page
b) File Layout
c) App Engine

Question 19 :

How do you define the names of the application servers being used to access PeopleSoft?

Answer :

a) In Configuration Manager, under the Application Servers tab.

Question 20 :

ER Diagrams represent?

Answer :

a) Graphical Representation of Business process and Relationsb) Flowchart of tables and Fields

Question 21 :

Tuning can be done on which servers?

Answer :

a) Database Server
b) App Server
c) Batch Server
e) Web Server

Question 22 :

When do u view Business process map?

Answer :

a) Change in mapping of data

Question 23 :

A System Manager must approve all the transactions what is this?

Answer :

a) Business Event
b) A Rule
c) A Role
d) Activity

Question 24 :

The field mapping button on worklist definition is used for for mapping the fields of worklist record that can be visible on worklist message. We can assign the following type of values to it?

Answer :

A role name

Question 25 :

Question Maximum number of Actions in a Step?

Answer :