Set - 7

Question 16 :

File format for SQR?

Answer :

a) PDF
d) txt

Question 17 :

People Soft clients wants to get info about PSPT where to find it?

Answer :

a) Partner Alliance
b) Partner Connection
c) People Soft Connect
d) Portal connect
e) PSU (check)

Question 18 :

Which of the following are object definitions?

Answer :

a) Mobile Page
b) File Layout
c) App Engine

Question 19 :

How do you define the names of the application servers being used to access PeopleSoft?

Answer :

a) In Configuration Manager, under the Application Servers tab.

Question 20 :

ER Diagrams represent?

Answer :

a) Graphical Representation of Business process and Relationsb) Flowchart of tables and Fields