Set - 4

Question 1 :

How data is stored in cluster table?

Answer :

A cluster table conatins data from mulitple DDIC tables.
It stores data as a name value pair ( varkey, vardata)

Question 2 :

Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these?

Answer :

First of all tunning can be done
In three ways: disk i/o ,sql tunning , memory tunning,
Before tunning u have to get the status of your database using
Oracle utility called statpack , tkprof, then you should go for tunning

Question 3 :

How to create client independent tables?

Answer :

client independent tables:
the table in which the first field is not mandt is the client independent tables
*mandt is the field with mandt as the data element
*automatically client which we login is populated to mandt

Question 4 :

What type of user exits have you written?

Answer :

there are four types
1.function exit ixit
3.screen exit.
4.field exit.
these are the user exits

Question 5 :

How can you debug a script form?

Answer :

SE71 -> give the form name -> utilities -> activate debugger
How do we debug sapscript?
First we need to put Break point in Print program where ever you want to stop the execution.
After in SE71 give your form name and go to Utilities-->Active De-bugger.
Then go to your transcation like VF03(for Invoice or Credit memo) etc to see the print preview or print the form execute it.
When you execute it the the form Debugging will get activated and you can see your Form execution step by step.